But Aidan does not for instance the gift because reminds your away from an extra he would want to forget about

But Aidan does not for instance the gift because reminds your away from an extra he would want to forget about

For the “Trapped Wrestling Ideas,” Harley actually starts to produce attitude to have Aidan just after hanging out along with her which have your while the twins within wrestling convention. Whenever Georgie points out one Harley and you can Aidan features a great smash on each most other, Harley denies it and decides to use research to prove Georgie incorrect. Unfortunately, what you adds up to proving that Harley has an excellent break with the Aidan. She attempts to inhibits this lady feelings, but Georgie together with twins encourage the lady in order to incorporate her or him. So, she asks Aidan out an intimate go out throughout the slip.

Harley features their biggest fight with this lady BFTF, Ethan within the Caught inside a Besties Competition just after reading you to Ethan ran trailing this lady back into hang out which have Aidan when you look at the Trapped during the a fantastic Dating

Harley’s connection with Aidan goes to the next stage inside “Trapped Without the Best Current” whenever Aidan becomes Harley an incredibly considerate gift. Harley gives him a type of the institution statement booth which have an audio recording of the time she is actually yelling during the him with the live broadcast. She wants they because it reminds him or her off how long they usually have been. Therefore, Harley amount an artificial “You never know Exactly who Ideal” online game show to have to know Aidan top. As Aidan provides his answers, Harley sees he have bringing up his father. Therefore, she finishes that the finest present will be to convince Aidan’s dad to come go to your. Aidan was obtaining his dad in the future more but hadn’t been successful given that he’s not good on saying their ideas. Thus, the guy many thanks Harley for making they takes place.

Because Harley ways fifteen years old, she begins getting ready for this lady quinceanera to enjoy her change out-of childhood to help you womanhood. She wants to enjoys a huge research-styled cluster, having fun with her very own chemicals feature icon, Hd fifteen (Harley Diaz). Inside the Stuck into the Camp A mess, she tries to make money to your quinceanera by the starting an effective go camping for children with Ellie. Nonetheless it turns into a mess whenever she leads the youngsters so you can assault Aidan. Inside the Caught Without the Best Current, she requires Aidan to help you companion the girl in order to their quinceanera however, Aidan transforms her down while the he’s got to depart area with his dad. Harley desires the fresh quinceanera is very perfect you to she will not even allow her to companion, Ellie film it. She goes toward such as high lengths since the undertaking an awful bogus quinceanera only to force Ellie to end in the Stuck into the a good Fake Away. This jeopardizes its friendship but they in the course of time compensate.

At the time out of Harley’s quinceanera, brand new Diaz family takes over the final action activities to make certain that Harley can just settle down and have a great time. They select Harley’s “Buck-Kid Record” regarding things that Harley desired to create in advance of she became a keen adult. Very, Harley enlists the fresh littles to aid their finish the number. Sadly, your day goes horribly incorrect, that have men and women – in addition to Harley herself – ruining. Harley blames by herself for ceding handle to her nearest and dearest. Thankfully, Rachel comes in as a shock and you will becomes one thing right back into the tune. Even with many other pros and cons before the new quinceanera, as it happens to get better than she imagined. She renders an epic “dancing regarding cloud” access into the space. She upcoming dances along with her household members, loved ones and her wonder invitees her boyfriend – Aidan Peters.

Pursuing the quinceanera, Harley understands that their members of the family extremely cares on her behalf. She says that she accustomed whine about as the Wednesday of your own family, the fresh new missing boy; the good news is she admits you to being stuck among was maybe not a detrimental point. It indicates you have made like and assistance regarding both parties.


Harley possess darkish tresses and brown eyes. The woman hair is usually worn down that have an area parting. The woman is large than just the girl more youthful sisters however, faster than simply the woman earlier sisters. She’s most seen wearing blue jeans

Within family community, once flipping 13, Harley initiate working in the girl dad’s shop inside Caught throughout the Slushinator. She invents a great slushy host running on Lewie and Beast so you can prove to her father that she will take action. Tom is pleased of the Harley’s performs principles and you will purchases the girl an enthusiastic real host. Since that time, Harley has been running the latest slushy servers part regarding the unique prevent titled Harley’s Slushy Shack. As the manager of Slushy Shack, she’s had to endure the pressure away from choosing and you may firing some one as well as Cuff in Stuck using my Sister’s Boyfriend and you may Phil during the Caught inside a good Slushy Conflict.

Despite having set Aidan on the Dry to Diaz number, Ethan had realized how much he and you will Aidan have in common specifically, their mutual love of an equivalent comic instructions. He previously utilized the possibility to persuade Aidan you to definitely Harley is actually an excellent person; in the method the guy revealed Harley’s most significant “Flea-az Diaz” wonders. Very, whenever Harley discovers Ethan did, she matches straight back by embarrassing him before Chloe. Pursuing the endeavor, each other Harley and you can Ethan overhear Aidan speaking on the cell phone with his father. This will make her or him realize that Aidan is certainly going courtesy a difficult big date. Therefore, Harley opens the woman heart and attracts Aidan into subscribe her or him for a-game night. Harley invites Aidan once more inside “Caught that have a low-Diaz” but Aidan spoils their perfectly arranged prime to possess Ethan’s movie. Believe it or not, Aidan conserves the day.

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