design patterns Is MVVM killing silverlight development?

But, this will come at the expense of slower decompression of the XAP file on older machines, and the slower the decompression rate is, the longer it will take for your application to start running. You are developing a Silverlight application that needs to access a database in order to display data from it. To access the database, you will connect to a WCF web service that grabs the data and sends it back to your application in the XML format. In most cases, the WCF web service won’t be hosted on the same machine in both development and production environments and, thus, will have a different IP address on each.

Out-of-browser applications can interact with the Windows 7 taskbar using COM automation in elevated trust mode and they can be pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7 while in-browser applications cannot. If you need greater control on the object tag or the installing/upgrading process, you can use the JavaScript method. Now that we know how the Silverlight application model works, let’s see how Silverlight interacts and integrates with HTML to actually display the application to the user. This section houses one or more AssemblyPart entries, each of which point to a DLL file that our application is using. The first entry is usually our compiled Silverlight application, which also contains the entry point class that was specified under the EntryPointType attribute of the parent Deployment tag. If you play around a bit with adding controls in Visual Studio, you will notice that many of the controls you add from the toolbox will automatically add a reference to the right assembly and declare the correct namespace for you.

developers still fear being silverlighted by

Silverlight is also a great Line-Of-Business platform and is increasingly being used to build data-driven business applications. Silverlight is based on familiar .NET languages such as C# which enables existing .NET developers to get started developing rich internet applications almost immediately. A decade ago, I was spending about 50 percent of my time working in Visual Studio and about 50 percent in other tools. Today, the split is overwhelmingly in favor of Visual Studio. Microsoft’s vision for Visual Studio to be a one-stop solution for hosting IDEs is coming to fruition with many Microsoft and non-Microsoft products offering some level of integration with Visual Studio. From database development with SQL Server Data Tools to writing iPad and Android apps with Xamarin, Visual Studio provides a familiar developer experience with a consistent user interface.

Most programmers have a hard time making applications that look interesting and fun. We are great at creating functionality that makes the application do exactly what the user wants, but many applications often look very utilitarian. However, with just a few little XAML tricks, you can make your Silverlight or WPF applications look like an artist had a hand in their creation. In this article I will provide you with a couple of very easy XAML tips that you can use right away to spice up the images in your Silverlight and WPF applications. “It is too soon to draw any conclusions,” said Rob Sanfilippo, an analyst with the firm Directions on Microsoft. Thanks to Microsoft’s late entry into the growing tablet market, Microsoft is under a lot of pressure to get news about Windows 8 out quickly.

Coming from a DOS background I never used that stuff anyway, going to the file system myself. I have code written in the mid 1990’s that still runs unmodified on a modern Windows machine. And of course when everyone was roasting me for not moving on back in the day, I reminded them that they’d get the dagger in their back eventually.

I don’t have official source from MS. Just rumors flying around on Quora and internet. I still remember around 2010, there was rumor that Silverlight was being abandoned, and people didn’t believe that and it was indeed abandoned in the end. Firefox 52 ESR is the last version supported on Windows XP and Vista. In contrast to normal Firefox 52, Silverlight is still supported in Firefox 52 ESR. Silverlight 2 – Included a version of the .NET Framework and implemented the same full Common Language Runtime version as .NET Framework 3.0, so it can execute programs written in any .NET language.

Spice Up Your Silverlight and WPF Application Images

Silverlight 3 included more controls—including DataGrid, TreeView, various layout panels, DataForm for forms-driven applications and DataPager for viewing paginated data. Silverlight 1 – Silverlight 1, developed under the codename Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere (WPF/E) was released in 2007. It consisted of the core presentation framework, which is responsible for the user interface , interactivity and user input, basic UI controls, graphics and animation, media playback, Digital rights management , and https://cryptominer.services/ DOM integration. Silverlight was criticized for not living up to its cross-platform operating system compatibility promises, especially on Linux systems, compared to its extensive support on Apple and Microsoft desktops for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. His concerns are based on “examples from history” where he said that Microsoft had launched products with promises of ongoing cross-platform compatibility that no longer apply, for example Internet Explorer for UNIX and Windows Media Player for Mac.

developers still fear being silverlighted by

The online ecosystem for Microsoft products is one of the largest in the industry. After all, Microsoft was started by Bill Gates, a software developer himself, who saw the wide adoption by developers as the key to proliferation of Microsoft products. That meant providing these developers with lots and lots of support. Looking back at the traditional web-to-database Microsoft stack from 10 years ago, it’s interesting to see which parts survived the test of time and which parts faded away. ASP.NET sites look nice on a wide range of form-factors, from phones to desktops, and its Web API capabilities make exposing web services a breeze.

While Microsoft embraces HTML5 and JavaScript for Windows 8, developers wonder about Silverlight and .Net

And no, MVVM is just one of many patterns and frankly, not even amongst the most popular ones. What is hurting Silverlight’s development is a) Flash b) not being Flash c) being Microsoft centric d) learning curve. I suppose the frustration comes from hacking code waiting for the next release for integration purposes, that is of course if the SL team decide to integrate MVVM into silverlight at all. I really like the idea of it but there’s too many hacks, wordarounds and 3rd party tools needed to get it running.

developers still fear being silverlighted by

I wish every development library had this level of support. MAUI is the long term replacement for WPF for GUI applications in .net. No Linux support as gui on Linux is pretty fragmented (xorg, Wayland, qt, etc.) and there isn’t a whole lot of demand for it. Though .net 6 is fully open and under an MIT license, so the community can add support if there is enough of a need for it. Better guidance and realistic example applications using it.

This specifies whether or not to automatically update to the specified version in the minRuntimeVersion attribute if the currently installed version is an older version. This specifies a JavaScript function to call when an error occurs while loading the Silverlight application. Of course, a declaration of a namespace without reference to the assembly file that actually has the control is useless, so make sure you reference the correct assembly file before adding the namespace. Setting up your development environment is as easy as it can get. The process consists of three downloads and the installation of those components. If I have to sum up the last paragraph in simple words, I would say that you couldn’t have picked a better time to become a certified Silverlight developer.

Beyond the Boundaries of Visual Studio 2010 with WebUI Test Studio

The Mono Team abandoned development of Moonlight, a free and open-source implementation of both the Silverlight 1 and 2 runtimes. Development was discontinued in 2012 due to the poor acceptance of Silverlight and the restrictions imposed by Microsoft. However, Opera was never officially supported by Silverlight. 💼 Introducing DevOps-Friendly EF Core Migration Bundles. DevOps here means “Deploying your code easily” and has nothing to do with Azure DevOps (either Azure DevOps On-Prem, or Azure DevOps on Azure — and no, I’m never letting Microsoft live that atrocious naming down). Anyway, The EF Core team has made it easier to run database migrations in a CI environment.

I won’t spoil the story for you, but it’s worth your time to read. No releases this week; but lots of interesting tidbits nonetheless. If you read just one article this week, check out “The Myth of the Treasure Fox”.

  • Then, at the end of the last decade, Microsoft’s 800-pound gorilla status started to unravel.
  • Your musical life on this device revolves around the Music + Videos hub.
  • Its all flashy no structure in the books I’ve read on silverlight.
  • Things are getting better with every release of Silverlight but I still think the technology is “bleeding edge”.
  • 🔮 No, NVidia Didn’t Fool Everyone with a Computer-Generated CEO In case you missed this, NVidia used a Computer Generated capture of its CEO for a short scene in its presentation, but their initial blog post on the subject made it seem like they used the CG’d CEO throughout.

Silverlight for Windows Phone OS 7.1 is based on Silverlight 4. That means if you create a new Silverlight for Windows Phone application that targets Windows Phone OS 7.1, you can take advantage of several new features. Silverlight 5 – The final version was made available to download on December 9, 2011.

Super Productivity: Using WPF and Silverlight’s Automatic Layout Features in Business Applications

I have no inside knowledge here but to me it’s pretty clear that this is just a matter of cost/effort benefit analysis. Porting the plugin onto ARM to run just in the ‘desktop’ browser couldn’t have made much sense. It doesn’t run in the Metro Modern version of IE, but I don’t think that matters.

Last year, the people behind Identity Server took it closed-source…. I don’t blame them , but the whole situation is a bit of a kick in the teeth across the board. I knew a company that built their entire frontend product on Silverlight. The CEO carried a Windows Phone and told people how great the camera was. Yeah, sadly WOTC IT Consulting Hourly Rates in 2022 By Country Industry and Specialization used it for the 4th edition D&D character builder, and while the paper 4e rules have everything you need to do that by hand, it is much harder then it should be. Although it doesn’t really matter since WOTC pulled all that stuff down when they went to 5e, so even if MS still supported it you wouldn’t be able to use it anymore .

What happened, back at that point in time, is that Microsoft was very afraid of Java, but also had to support it at least to some extent. What they did was start bastardizing Java with Windows-specific APIs. So they dropped the Windows CE JVM as a result, and screwed over a number of us that were hoping to use the very new Java on the very new Windows CE mobile devices.

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