Maintaining stable data lifecycle management by establishing
an interoperable healthcare data ecosystem

global no.1 healthcare
data platrofm

Lemonchain is a company that makes a world based
on healthcare data a reality Lemonchain is a company
that makes healthcare data based world become reality

Lemon healthcare operates a patient-centered interactive service platform that provides all medical service courses through smartphones based on ICT.

Lemon Care
Lemon Care Plus
Lemon Care 365
Lemon Healthcare is connected to approximately 120 advanced major hospitals in Korea and is
connected to multiple insurance companies and indemnity insurance claimants in Korea
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hYper connected
data platform

Smart hospital hyper-connected healthcare platform centered on Lemon Cloud platform

Smart hospital hyper-connected healthcare platform centered on Lemon Cloud platform The Lemon Cloud Data Platform enables patients (users) to manage and easily care for all healthcare courses.

Smart Hospital
Mobile Smart Hospital Services
Certified tertiary hospital
Hyper Connected Ecosystem
insurance company
Digital Virtual Hospital
Global Pharmacist
healthcare company
Big Tech
Hyper Connected
My Data Services
remote monitoring
based on phr data
Telemedicine + electronic
prescription + medicine
Based on health examination results data
Biological Age Analysis / Prediction of Top 10 Diseases
Personalized Health Functional Food Recommendation Based on Gene + Chronic Condition Data
Personal medical data storage service on blockchain (Certificate/prescription/medical records copy/medical records)
Lemon Cloud
Data Platform
Patients & Users

'ChungGu-ui-Shin :
Almighty Reimbursement'

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Stop the hassle of keeping and finding diagnostic documents,
including complex care procedures,
sensitive security information, and demanding billing!

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'Gun Gang-ui-Shin:
Almighty Healthcare'

Smart health protector,
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Enjoy premium health care and various services within the app.
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