MatchVIP: Southern Africa’s Premier Matchmaking Provider Brings a Bespoke Approach That Helps People Navigate Their Unique Strategy To Lasting Relationships

The Quick Version: At MatchVIP, its all about helping career-minded Southern Africans develop long-lasting, enjoyable connections through a hands-on way of matchmaking. The purpose of the company’s CEO, Shannon Davidoff, along with her staff is usually to be their customers’ best dating site for older adults friends, make the stress out from the dating process, to make it the enjoyment knowledge it should be. Through a selective vetting process, MatchVIP is able to find the appropriate fits for the right men and women, and because their beginning, the organization provides connected singles at a near-70% rate of success.


If an easy-breezy matchmaking atmosphere is out there around the globe, it’s likely that great a challenging business person will have currently constructed a thriving business around location travel plans into area. From the world-class cuisine and oceanfront opinions of Cape Town toward sand-whipped dunes of the Kalahari, South Africa seems to have all the ingredients essential to prepare right up a recipe for relationship.

But southern area African professionals face alike problems given that remaining portion of the world in relation to discovering really love. Busy schedules and a standard insufficient understanding where to look have gone lots of career-minded Southern Africans thinking the best places to check out get a hold of their particular someone special. Luckily, expert matchmaker Shannon Davidoff and her company MatchVIP came up with a solution.

As a well regarded matchmaker and dating advisor, Shannon has actually a lot more than a decade of experience inside the union space and has aided a large number of singles fulfill their particular forever associates. The group at MatchVIP works together with the mission to act as a best pal to the customers it serves, producing matchmaking a personable experience.

Finally, Shannon tries to empower her customers to enact real improvement in their resides. It is an ongoing process that begins with introspection and personal progress that sets all of them on a path to making selections that result in satisfying connections.

And, as Shannon told all of us, her customized approach has lead to a near-70per cent success rate.

“you might not end up being alone when you do this correct,” she stated. “understand this! Feel this! Be loveable, and really love will discover you.”

Personal Services for Relationship-Seeking Singles

Shannon saw matchmaking as a continuously modifying landscape whenever she ventured in soon after her husband’s death. Together with her basic wedding closing in divorce proceedings, Shannon was not a stranger to problematic connections. But, when she discovered to navigate the internet dating world by herself, she knew she may help other individuals do the same.

She founded the business Perfect couples in 2005, therefore became very winning. She built a team and taught these to become familiar with every user on a personal degree. For Shannon, it wasn’t about one interview. Somewhat, she viewed the matchmaking process as a journey both customer and matchmaker embark on collectively — strategizing, collaborating, and seeking at potential suits as a team.

At best associates, Shannon honed the philosophy and toolset she would sooner or later provide MatchVIP. Her operation went effortlessly, and consumers happened to be extremely pleased with the outcome the mentors had been delivering. Singles had been overcoming hurdles, eg insecurity and self-sabotaging actions, and were finding the physical lives and really love they earned.

Due to this success, Shannon decided to branch out over assist a more substantial swimming pool of singles. So, in 2016, she bought her greatest competition, MatchVIP. She retained the business’s branding, but she introduced the woman experience and strategy together toward company. And, as Shannon mentioned, the huge singles database she had built up in addition arrived your trip. Nowadays, the woman work made MatchVIP a caring, individual matchmaking service dedicated to fulfilling their clients’ union targets.

Setting the club High With a High-Achieving customer Base

MatchVIP’s high rate of success arrives, in big component, towards large club set through the option procedure. Not only anyone can become a member of the agency.

Shannon expressed MatchVIP’s demographic as singles between your years of 25 and 65 that authentic, authentic, and dedicated to finding love. They’re multicultural and multi-denominational, but, based on Shannon, all users must meet the primary criteria.

“our very own users tend to be economically stable and in most cases when you look at the exec group,” she stated. “These awesome singles are mostly individuals with little time to scout by yourself, prefer extreme exclusivity when choosing social engagements, and require the best confidentiality.”

Lots of MatchVIP customers tend to be beginners seeking to subside or start more than after a demise or split up, Shannon mentioned. She additionally mentioned a lot of singles just who look to MatchVIP have high IQs and mental intelligence levels.

“numerous clients are making an aware decision to allow love see them when you’re actively sociable and satisfying all suggested potentials,” she mentioned. “Attraction continues to be an eternal secret, however, if you may have your method or strategy, one can find everything look for.”

Especially, MatchVIP’s requirements is really as remarkable as its solution. Clients are fit, healthier, gainfully employed, economically seem, emotionally stable, and separate. A sincere principles system is also essential to make sure many people are addressed with admiration and stability.

Widened training Directs one to a potential Mates

Most customers find the silver account, which lasts for one-year and includes 20 top quality introductions (10 that tend to be going to happen in the very first 90 days).

The matchmaker will design your own personal method predicated on your own character, goals, together with qualities you’re looking for in somebody. Additionally it is a rather private solution as all customers have a dedicated expert with these people each step regarding the way to maximize their odds of success — also this means some positive feedback.

Highly-trained and experienced love coaches are available to clients whenever they need expert advice for particular circumstances. These coaches can also be found prior to beginning the process when you yourself have an ex to have over or need help with communication, self-worth, or other issues that might affect building a wholesome commitment.

MatchVIP supplies an Executive lookup Package for affluent entrepreneurs, time-challenged entrepreneurs, and also famous people. This bundle is fantastic for extremely selective customers finding certain characteristics in a prospective mate. Those who find themselves in search of someone in locations outside Gauteng, Cape city, and Durban may benefit with this bundle also.

MatchVIP: Client reviews Boast tall Success Rates

Under Shannon’s alert eye, MatchVIP boasts a 67percent success rate, that is remarkable in matchmaking sector. Many outcomes happen within months of having started.

One MatchVIP client thought dating ended up being simply not something she could perform until she signed up with MatchVIP.

“After taking place a number of very first dates, we noticed I was not great at this,” she mentioned. “MatchVIP suggested time mentoring. Exactly what a wonderful knowledge! I learned really about myself, just how i have to present my self, the best places to fulfill males, and how to correspond with all of them.”

“many thanks for giving myself the nerve not to be afraid for the unidentified because there are more truthful men and women out there than unethical ones.” — a pleasurable MatchVIP client

Another MatchVIP customer found the knowledge provided her a brand new mindset in the goodness of other people.

“I found myself some focused on whether a matchmaker would simply string me personally along or perhaps not,” she said. “many thanks for providing me the courage never to be fearful regarding the as yet not known since there are a lot more truthful men and women on the market than unethical ones.”

Shannon is thrilled to bring the woman knowledge to the united kingdom and Austrailia quickly to teach brand-new team members on the key to achievements.

“i’ve a routine called the Five stages of Dating,” she said. “we plan to launch it with these new internet site. Look for a forward thinking and international approach to matchmaking.”