Video Game Developer: Description, Salary, & Outlook

Along with high job satisfaction rates, game development also offers a high job outlook rate. The gaming industry continues to grow and so does the demand for video game workers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook rate for game developers is 22 percent between 2020 and 2030. This high outlook rate provides game developers with a strong sense of job security. Each of these disciplines has its own learning path, and you have to choose appropriately according to your need. To start, almost all game developers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

If you have a mind for mathematics, understanding codes, and learning how things work, consider looking into video game development. Video game developers create the foundations that hold a video game together. In the worst cases, towards the end of a games development cycle, developers may have to work long shifts for weeks at a time. Crunch does not always happen, but it is something to be prepared for if you wish to work in this field.

Is game development a good career

The beginning of your career as a game developer is going to be hard. Everything you do will be new, meaning that you will have to figure it out first. You will work a lot, make a game in your free time for free, publish it… and it will probably flop. While learning how to make a game, you might come up against concepts that seem completely useless. Every function in Unity and other game engines have a purpose.

They do this by coding visual elements, programming features, and testing iterations until a game is ready for market. If you love video games and enjoy working with computers, a career in video game development can be immensely rewarding. Game development is the responsibility of game developers and game designers.

Can you come up with fun, innovative gameplay ideas?

You can also choose to specialize in a specific area of game development including storyboarding, software design and engineering or creating the artwork. For example, you might choose to become an audio system developer, a coding programmer, a visual artist, a game producer or a game designer. Each of these different positions can be correctly labeled as a video game developer, although each has different specific job duties. You should determine where your skills and interests lie before you choose a specific role within the video game development field.

  • They include Unreal Engine 5, Unity, and Solar 2D. Game developers also work with facial and voice recognition, machine learning, and gesture control.
  • You also need to have experience working with game engines like Unity and Unreal, which power everything the developers create.
  • In other words, without developers, you have no video game.
  • It’s worth noting that the QA department very rarely gets to just play games, they often have to spend hours jumping into the corner or a wall to test if they can clip through it, not exactly thrilling.
  • Video game designers conceptualize game characters, settings, storyline, and gameplay, then work with developers and game programmers to translate these ideas into code.
  • The work they do can appear everywhere, not just buried in the background behind lines of code.

C++ Is a general-purpose programming language often used to develop not only games but also operating systems and applications as well. Unreal Engine, while initially developed for first-person shooters, has grown into a 3D creation platform used for games across a range of platforms. Work from home culture, which is opted by many IT industries, game developer companies has also allowed their employees to work flexibly. But a company with good developers may manage to release games with the least number of bugs. Red Dead Redemption 2 by Rockstar Games is a great example in this case.

A Career in Gaming: 9 Major Roles

Some of their job responsibilities include system debugging, software maintenance, and engine codding. They work to aid the game programming process by collaborating with game developers and game designers. Game developers work in a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Despite a game developer’s expertise leaning more towards software creation, coding, computer science, and math, there can still be a lot of creativity when it comes to programming. Most developers love video games themselves and do a lot of work behind the scenes to make the gameplay as fun as possible. But they may also get to help the design team by creating assets. Video game developers help transform games from a concept to a playable reality.

Developers need to have an excellent understanding of computer science, know how to code in several programming languages and have some understanding of physics or software creation. While the general public might confuse the two, game designers and game developers have entirely separate skill sets. While developers build the game and systems from the ground up, creating all of the internal logic that goes into making the game work, designers are more focused on a game’s story and art direction.

What is a Video Game Developer?

It’s not uncommon at all for coders to be promoted upwards, once they’ve proven their skill. On a game project, the more tasks you’re able to complete, and the more technical skills you develop, the higher you can go. If game coders are the least experienced members of a development team, then software engineers are the most. They are developers who have plenty of experience under their belt, particularly in building software from the ground up. The fact that you’ll be working in a team also means you must be able to both give and take constructive criticism, work together with others, and communicate effectively in a fast-paced environment. If you crumble under pressure or don’t work well with others, a video game design career is definitely not for you.

Is game development a good career

Now, let’s look at the steps on how to become a game developer. Software engineers are in-demand across organizations in every industry. Secure your future with a degree and additional certifications. The easier and more sustainable path is to look for a job at a studio. It allows you to work in one specialization and have prospects that are not tied to anything except your quality of work. On the other hand, if you were good at making your friend’s game work, you can be in-game development; Just kidding.

Other video game careers

The most obvious example of this is the QA department, otherwise known as game testers. Despite it sounding like the ideal position (who doesn’t want to get paid to play games all day?) they often find themselves at the bottom of the pack. It’s worth noting that the QA department very rarely gets to just play games, they often have to spend hours jumping into the corner or a wall to test if they can clip through it, not exactly thrilling. Nevertheless, they are often treated like 2nd class employees within a company, often being used at the end of the project before being let go again, the pay is poor and work is thankless.

Is game development a good career

You need a bachelor’s degree in graphics design or software engineering to enter this profession. Attending a coding bootcamp can also help you get hired as a game designer. As a game designer, you will work with UX/UI designers, game programmers, and 2D and 3D animators to create a functional and optimal game design. In January 2022, PayScale.com listed the salaries earned by the middle percentage of video game developers with several different job titles. It reported that video game designers earned a median salary of $66,452, while software developers earned a median salary of $73,177.

Step 6: Find a Team

This job has the same amount of job security as any other job will have. Not instantly, but steadily you will be paid for your experience and skills. If you work for the gaming giant companies, you won’t be free to use your creativity, as you will be working on specific parts provided to you. So, do not hesitate to state your opinion, or suggest an alternate approach.

Senior Game Developer

This is, however, not a commonly held opinion among game companies. Working as a game developer can be challenging at times, as it’s a highly competitive career. One of the difficult aspects https://globalcloudteam.com/ of being a game developer is that they’re expected to stay up-to-date on the latest gaming trends. Becoming a game developer requires hard work which can lead to a rewarding career.

Different roles and ranks will be paid vastly differently. Massive layoffs in major companies are a common sight and it’s not just a bad game release that can cause it. Many companies have one key franchise or have one major release that they rely on, these can be the only thing the company releases for game developer for hire years in some cases. If this product flops it can mean the company is forced to massively downsize or even close. That is not the only worry though, big publishers regularly lay off large portions of their staff after a game release to cut costs, even if the workers created a big blockbuster title.

What Does a Video Game Developer Do?

Developers focus on programming and codingAs a game developer, you will be part of a team that works continuously to construct & improve a game. Your main tasks will include writing codes and identifying the bugs. Also, testing, maintenance, & debugging are some of the crucial works done by a developer. Whilst it’s very important that these points are brought across first as they can ruin relationships and make the employee incredibly ill, it’s not all bad news. Although most big companies are not following this path it is possible to get a job working on cool games without killing yourself. The problem is securing a job in the industry can be difficult and you may have to work a less than ideal job to get your foot in the door until you have the experience to choose the job you want.

These include directors, producers, game designers, and the studio’s board of directors at the top of the chain. Broadly speaking, a game is made of these things – a premise or story, gameplay mechanics, and visual or sensory aids. For a video game, this translates to the game’s engine and code and artwork, including visuals and sounds, and its story or goal.

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